Environmental Wash Practices

We understand that your fleet maintenance related issues have become a major focus of scrutiny for Federal, State and local agencies.

As such, we have made tremendous efforts to avoid infringements on past and present regulatory laws, including the Clean Water Act.

Our compliance reputation is unsurpassed in our industry and we are extremely sensitive to the proximity of our wash sites to environmentally vulnerable areas, such as streams and storm runoff drains.

Mobile vehicle washing is considered to be an acceptable practice. The concern is not the washing itself, but the effluent wash water that is the result.

Due to the possibility of contaminating the environment, certain governing bodies have stepped in to regulate disposal and treatment of the runoff.

It is important to note that the resultant runoff is NOT considered to be hazardous waste, and therefore no manifest is required.

Our Solution

By using only biodegradable washing agents during our process, our company has eliminated the risk of releasing potentially harmful agents into the environment.

The sole problematic result is the small concentration of hydrocarbons in the dirt as it is removed from the vehicle with routine washing.

The hydrocarbons result from oily residue, which collecton the vehicle as it drives on roadways.

The Mobile Fleet Wash environmental washing process includesusing covers for storm drains and dykes to direct the runoff toward low points, and a vacuum boom system to collect the soiled water as it pools.

The solids in the waste are collected using a 200 micron filtering system and the hydrocarbons are removed by asubsequent filtering system. Collected oily residue is submed for proper disposal (copies of receipts provided upon request).

We then dispose of the treated water via approved sanitary sewers.

Other Cleaning Services

Unlike routine cosmetic vehicle washing, engine cleaning, steaming,and degreasing are not able to be performed using the above methods. However, these services are available. If your company has specific requirements, please call our office at 1-800-794-4060 to speak with one of our representatives for more information.

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